Why Do People Shame Those Who Use Mental Health Medicine?

If you’ve ever thought about using a mental health medicine, you may have wondered why people are so quick to stigmatize others who use them. There are several reasons for the stigmatization of mental health medicine, from a lack of education to the social conditions that cause people to have trouble making decisions. However, the worst reason may simply be that people don’t understand why they’re feeling certain ways.

While organic diseases tend to have well-defined causes and treatments, mental illnesses are more complicated. We can’t fully understand what causes our mental health problems and why our bodies react the way they do, but the human psyche is an enigma. Thankfully, there are many treatments for mental illness, including therapy, exercise, and going hiking. Taking a deep breath or listening to music can be beneficial when a person is experiencing stress and anxiety. However, those who choose prescription medication are often seen as giving up and unnatural.

People may have the right to feel comfortable taking mental health medication. However, the stigma and negativity associated with these medications is often undeserved. People often feel bad about their choice to use such medication, assuming that it shows a lack of self-esteem or weakness. When they hear people expressing these negative comments about mental health medicine, they may feel shame or even angered. In some cases, a stranger may try to shame the person by saying something like, “What are you doing?”

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