Are you sure… you already know these things before the new breast augmentation?

Is breast augmentation good? What kind of supplement is good? Before deciding to have breast augmentation surgery, do not just focus on whether the results will be beautiful or not. Will it be as big as you imagined or not? But you need to know about important things such as choosing silicone Or taking care of yourself after surgery and here are 5 important things you should know…that you may not know! f95zoneusa

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“Silicone Diameter” is the key to help the breasts look natural.

Many people have always understood that the new breast augmentation to look natural Depending on the shape and care after surgery like a breast massage but in fact The key to natural breast augmentation…if you don’t tell me, you don’t know that through upsizing is the measurement of the original breast base. to compare and choose “Silicone diameter” that is close to the original breast Helps to get new breasts It doesn’t look like a block until it can be seen that the surgery was added.

new breasts, small or large may not be measured at the CC volume.

When it comes to breast augmentation surgery Whether people who are thinking of having the surgery themselves or those around them tend to think of “what is the size of the silicone and what the volume” is the first thing. I understand that choosing a small or large breast augmentation depends on how many CC silicone implants have been added, but in fact After knowing the diameter of the silicone The doctor will compare the size chart of silicone brands that we have chosen. Whether this diameter… has a profile or a height. for the tendency (forward) of the silicone, how much After choosing the height of the silicone, you will know “How many CC will we add silicone,” which means that the volume of silicone may not be the main unit of measurement. to choose the size  f95zone

“Silicone position”, another factor to reduce the new breast problem, looks like a block.

Although the silicone diameter helps the new breasts look natural, the “silicone placement” is another very important factor. such as under-muscle augmentation breast augmentation surgery where our muscles will press on the edge of the silicone on top Gives the silicone a teardrop shape. The chest looks flat and smooth… like natural breasts.

After breast augmentation surgery…no massage needed

because of fear and fear of contracting fascia after surgery until the chest is clearly rounded Many people pay special attention to breast massage after surgery. Some people massage themselves. Some people massage at the shop. But did you know that … with the current technique of breast augmentation surgery? The silicone is often placed under the muscle, making it “no need to massage the chest after surgery” because of the stretching and contraction mechanism of the muscles above the silicone according to the posture of stretching and contracting both arms. It’s already a gentle silicone massage, and one thing that needs to be very careful. Well, many people massage their breasts themselves…but they massage the wrong way. causing the risk of breast deformity

Taking care of yourself after surgery

1 week after the surgery and the stitches have been removed Patients often understand that they can do normal activities. But in fact The need to make an appointment to cut the stitches after 7 days after the surgery is because if stitching is taken longer, it will cause a scar to be stitched. Cutting stitches does not mean that the wound has healed well. therefore must be careful Do not raise your arms high above your head, lift heavy objects, or swing your arms around vigorously and quickly. Because it may cause perineal wounds … risk of infection easily.

when planning surgery In addition to choosing a location consider the price of surgery We should know other important information. together with whether it is a surgical method type of silicone Taking care of yourself before and after surgery Make an appointment to consult with a surgeon for complete details before making a decision. Therefore, it is another important thing that should not be overlooked. f95forum

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