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The newest headline in technology is about an e-bike called the Urtopia, essentially a computer on wheels. Another piece in the news is the new black hole image Google released. And, if you’re like me, you may have been waiting for that iPod to break into your life for years. But, this time, the wait will be worth it. We are spoiled with so many newsworthy gadgets and tech announcements that it’s easy to get distracted by all the hype.

For more on the latest technologies, check out Wired magazine. The website is full of articles about new technology, and there are a few free ebooks and guides available for download. You can also visit Gizmodo, a website run by tech geeks. Their articles cover everything from design to user interface, from pricing to competition. Another great site is Ubergizmo. Gizmodo, originally part of Gawker Media, reviews smartphones, wearables, and even drones.

If you’re interested in gaming technology, you’ll find plenty of articles on the latest gaming systems on this site. VentureBeat is another great site for breaking news about the latest technology, including reviews, how-to guides, and how-to videos. Wired also has a huge following and is a staple in the technology news category. The Verge, meanwhile, offers helpful guides on all things tech-related, including gaming.

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