Filing a workers’ compensation claim in Richmond: Breaking the myths

Getting injured on the job is traumatic enough, but knowing that you now have to deal with a workers’ compensation claim is even more harrowing. If you suffered an injury or were diagnosed with an occupational disease in Richmond, your first step should be about seeking medical care. You have the right to seek legal counsel too, and it makes sense to consult a workers’ comp lawyer in Richmond, VA, to know the claims process better. Below we have debunked some of the common myths that are worth knowing.

Myth 1 – You need to report the injury on the same day

While it is always wise to report the injury or your occupational disease on the day it happened or was diagnosed, it is not the end of the world. In Virginia, you can claim workers’ compensation benefits as long as you report the injury within 30 days. If you feel better, do that without delay, but you have a window that’s not small.

Myth 2 – You were the party at fault, which prevents you from seeking workers’ compensation benefits

Again, this is a common myth. The workers’ compensation system is a no-fault one, which means it doesn’t matter how the accident happened. Yes, the injury (or your illness) should be related to the job you do, but whether you were at fault is not a concern. Let’s assume that you were operating machinery and hurt your hand because you were holding the handle the wrong way. In this case, you still have the right to claim benefits.

Myth 3 – You believe that there were lapses in security and can sue the company

While you can claim workers’ compensation benefits even when you are at fault, you don’t have the right to sue your employer. Employers in Virginia are required to have insurance for all workers, including part-time ones, but that also gives them immunity against direct minishortner lawsuits.

Myth 4 – You are getting compensation from the insurance company, and that’s enough

Even when the insurance company is paying you for your medical treatment costs, you may have reasons to believe that you are okay, which is not the case. You have to protect your rights, for which you must fill out the claim form and submit it to the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission. This gives you an award to get lifetime medical benefits.

Don’t believe the rumors when it comes to your claim. Get an attorney to do the work for you!

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