5 Shoes Men Must Have in UAE

Shoes were first created thousands of years ago to safeguard and comfort the human foot. Although initially related to function, shoes have evolved into fashion items. Traditionally, they were made of leather, wood, or canvas; however, they are now also made of plastic, rubber, and a variety of other materials. They enable you to roam around and explore your surroundings and environment. Additionally, shoes convey a lot about a person’s taste, preferences, and status and carry a lot of value. They are significant to men because they are mandatory in building high-fashion looks. There are so many various brands and sorts of them that it becomes tricky for you to choose sometimes. It’s claimed that your shoes are the first thing someone notices about you. If that’s true, then choosing the best pair of shoes for your little one becomes much more difficult. This is why it’s claimed that your shoes make or break your character and reflect your personality. Furthermore, there are many different types of shoes for men like loafers, sandals, brogues, slides, moccasins, oxfords, trainers, canvas shoes, mules, ankle boots, etc.

Whatever the shoe is though, it will surely elevate your outfit and complete your look. This blog will talk about different types of shoes for men and how they enhance the footwear experience.

1. UA Charged Assert Men’s Running Shoe

This is a must-have in your shoe collection for many great reasons. It’s crafted from 52% leather, 45% textile and 3% synthetic which is soft and lightweight. It’s also designed with an EVA sock liner that provides comfort with every step. Moreover, it is made with a lightweight, mesh upper with a 3-colour digital print that looks stunning and delivers complete breathability to keep the feet cool. It features charged cushioning midsole that uses compression moulded foam for increased responsiveness and durability. It also comes with durable leather overlays that lock onto the midfoot which provides maximum stability and you can get this through the Amazon UAE Coupon.

2. NIKE Venture Runner Sneaker Shoes

You need these in your shoe cabinet and you will not regret the purchase. It’s constructed with a mesh and suede upper which provides ventilation, flexibility and durability. It comes in black and white and also has a soft, synthetic sole. Additionally, it’s designed with a rubber outsole that’s inspired by waffles and provides excellent traction and durability while following the traditional style. It comes with a comfortable sock lining and foam midsole that feels soft and keeps you comfortable for the whole day. It’s also designed with a heel clip that gives your step stability and offers a secure fit. It’s perfect for those daily walks and jogs and is the ideal workout partner.

3. Cruiser II

This will be a great addition to your shoe collection due to several factors. It’s designed with a high-quality full-grain leather upper and has a rubber sole which is comfortable to wear. It’s also made with breathable leather and textile lining for a healthy in-shoe climate. Furthermore, it features an Ortholite insole that is removable, washable and anatomically correctable. It’s made with a soft, elastic PU foam midsole that helps absorb shocks and provide cushioning to your feet. It’s also designed with an abrasion-resistant sole with emotion technology which is very advantageous. It’s designed with lace-up closure which always looks classy and makes for a more secure fit.

4. UA Surge 3 Men’s Sneaker

This is a necessity in your daily workouts and it will not disappoint. Its upper is made of 52% synthetic and 48% textile which is soft and comfortable to wear. It’s built to last, featuring a hard-wearing rubber outsole which gives greater durability with less weight. In addition to that, it enables you to enjoy more lightweight and responsive running sessions thanks to the cushioned EVA midsole inside. It offers a lightweight mesh upper which provides maximum breathability and increases ventilation for a comfortable feel on every step. It also gives superior comfort and gives enhanced cushioning around the ankle area, putting comfort first no matter what activity.

5. PUMA Ignite Disc Men’s Shoe

This is a must-have in your shoe collection for numerous reasons. The finest TPU PWRFRAME and PWRCAGE are combined to make the ultimate performance shoe, which is comprised of non-stretch, waterproof, and breathable mesh. It has sophisticated nylon straps built into the lacing mechanism that wrap around your feet for a snug and personalised fit. Moreover, it has a saddle made of lightweight, incredibly robust TPU that offers exceptional support and stability during your swings. Its traction is inspired by nature and its lugs are precisely placed in the right zones to provide traction across your swings for greater grip and power. It has lace-up closure which is always classy and is the ideal shoe for your workout sessions and daily jogs. It also makes every step bouncier and you will not regret investing in this.

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