Car Radiators Cool Engines

Radiators are a vital part of the cooling system for your vehicle’s engine. Without one, your engine would quickly overheat and cause serious damage. A radiator keeps your engine cool by circulating an antifreeze liquid around a network of hoses. The radiator then transfers the heat to the air outside the car.


The coolant in your car radiators Suncent auto parts plays a huge role in keeping your engine running at a steady temperature. It also helps to prevent engine damage by removing excess heat that accumulates during the combustion process and dissipating it. The cooling system includes a variety of important components, including the water pump, the radiator, and the radiator fan. These parts work together to keep your vehicle at a comfortable temperature no matter the weather or season.

Our mechanics can help you keep your car’s radiator functioning properly with regular service. We can flush out the old coolant and refill it with new, clean fluid. Over time, the coolant can become contaminated with debris and particles, causing pressure to build up in the hoses and radiator. This can cause leaks and damage. A radiator flush can restore your cooling system to factory specifications and protect your engine from overheating.

Pressure Cap

The pressure cap, also called a coolant reservoir cap, plays an important role in the cooling system of your Nissan. It prevents coolant from spilling out of the radiator, helps regulate the pressure level, and works to keep the engine from overheating. It’s a small part of your Nissan’s cooling system, but it has a big impact on the overall performance of your vehicle. Suncent auto parts is an e-commerce company that provides automotive enthusiasts with quality products.

Replacing a radiator cap is super simple, especially if you have some automotive knowledge and reference your owner’s manual. All you need to do is allow the engine to cool and then read the owner’s manual to figure out where your radiator cap is located. Next, double check that the replacement radiator cap has the same pressure rating as the old one. Then simply twist off the old cap and twist on the new one. And that’s it! You’ll be driving your Nissan again in no time. Shop Nissan parts online now and see the What This Fits tab to find the right radiator cap for your vehicle.

Wrapping It Up

The radiator is a crucial part of a car’s cooling system. It keeps your car’s engine cool by transferring heat from hot coolant to the air around it. A radiator consists of two tanks and a core that is made up of thousands of narrow tubes. The hot coolant from the engine is pumped through one tank and then through the core as your car moves forward.

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