Why Organizers Need Modernized Event Ticketing Solutions

If you’ve ever had to rely on third parties – such as distribution agencies – to sell event tickets, you know how complicated that can be – that’s where event ticketing systems come in.

Event ticketing systems are online tools designed to make ticket selling a breeze. Such systems have features that, not only streamline but also enhance the ticketing process with data and insight. That way, organizers can get better insight into the existing process and improve it even further.

You can already see why you would need an event ticketing solution for your events planning business, but there are even more weighty reasons for choosing a modernized event ticketing solution. Here are six such reasons:

1. Real-Time Tracking for Real-Time Data and Analytics

Collecting and interpreting data is, hands-down, one of the best ways to gain insight into your business operations.

You’ll barely succeed at improving the overall performance of your business if you go into it blindly. You need information that you can build your efforts upon, and that’s where exceptional event ticketing software from Lyte comes in. 

With detailed data about the sales and attendees of your event, you can extract critical information that lets you know where your sales mainly come from. That way, you can fine-tune your marketing efforts to serve the right leads for your next event.

2. Elimination of “Fake Tickets”

“Print-at-home” tickets are subject to being resold multiple times to unsuspecting attendees, only for the attendees to learn that they have been scammed when it’s time to use the ticket. Contrary to ticket scalping which rarely hurts the reputation of your business, the practice of reselling fake tickets can ruin your business.

That’s in consideration that the would-have-been attendees will direct their frustration to the event organizer, not the scammers.

Even worse, such disappointments can create room for major upheavals and security risks at the event venue gate. Modern event ticketing software is designed to eliminate such cases, by placing specific measures to avoid the reselling of a single ticket multiple times.

3. Reduce Ticket Scalping

No attendee wants to try and get a ticket to an event, only to learn that they have “ran out”, and they later have to purchase the tickets at a higher price. Ticket scalpers ruin the ticketing experience for loyal event attendees who would do anything to get into the event.

Modern event ticketing solutions like Lyte aim to eliminate this problem by retaining the reselling process in-house so that there will be a controlled resell price. What’s more, with various verification techniques, such software can nab the bots that scalpers use to purchase tickets, further reducing the vice of ticket scalping.

4. Increase Reach and Visibility

Every event organizer would like to have their event reach as wide an audience as possible. By casting a wider net, there is a huge potential of attracting more people who are interested in your event.

Modern ticketing software makes it easier to enhance your marketing efforts with email campaigns, social media posts, and website campaigns. That way, you can have more people learning about the event and signing up. As if that’s not enough, perfectly-designed event ticketing software with marketing capabilities eliminates limitations to a specific geographical location. That’s in consideration that some attendees are willing to take long flights and drive for miles just to attend fun events.

5. Improved Scalability

Modern event ticketing solutions are designed to grow along with your business. When you get such a tool, you can use it from when your business is small and growing, to when your business is large and dominating.

It’s simply a matter of having a software solution that offers exactly what you need when you need it. Such improved scalability allows you to serve your customers in the best way so that you can set up your business for success.

In Closing,

The above are just some of the main reasons why organizers should consider getting modernized event ticketing solutions.

So if you’re looking to make your events planning business succeed, consider leveraging the power of event ticketing software from Lyte. With our ticketing solution, you can streamline the entire ticketing process and soar to greater heights.


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